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Dine 2 Date Dinner Dates

Business Members advertise, promote, and host special 'Dine 2 Date'Dinner Events towards Dine2Find Members in your local area.Utilise the services of ...

Dine Eat Out Dome

Find Great Food, Drink, and Exciting Places to Eat, Drink and Dine Out and Meet New Friends by searching our extensive range of Restaurants, Bars, ...

Dine to Find at Mine

Another way Members can utilise Dine2Find in order to find your ideal friend, or future partner, is to Host a Dinner Date Evening within your home.It ...

Dine to Find Friends

Find New Friends using our Social Dome to enhance your social life by making new friends through the love and passion for great food. Make new ...

Dome Discount Deals

Find Fantastic Discount, Special Offers, and Fabulous Meal Deals in our Dine Eat Drink Out Guide with various offers, and promotions from our ...

Dome Videos

Dine2Find is the place to upload your foodie videos with regards to food preparation, experiences with food, dishes, and recipes you wish to share ...

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Dine 2 Find is an excellent place to find other Catering Professionals with whom you can share new recipes, and make new friends with other members ...

Find Fellow Foodies

Dine 2 Find is the perfect way to find other food enthusiasts, and Adventurous Diners. What a great way to meet real people and socialise in real ...

Find Fellow Travellers

Directed towards those who spend time travelling city to city, or country to country. Dine2Find is a great Tool to find like minded Business People ...

The Love Dome

Find Love, Friendship, Romance, Companions, New Relationships, and Dates by using the Dine2Find Dating Tools available to you on Dine2Find in order ...

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1. What is Dine2Find?

Dine2Find is a Social Network Website, incorporating an Eating, Drinking and Drinking Out Guide, a Dating Search Facility, with various Discount Coupon/Voucher Offers and Meal Deals, and a review/recommendation system whereby people can meet one another and make new friends through their Love and passion for Great Food and Drink, Eating, Drinking, and Dining Out.

The general idea of Dine2Find is for people to socialise with one another via the website, with a view to meeting other people eventually in person at one of the Professional Members Eating and Drinking Establishments that advertise their services on Dine2Find.

The Eating/Drinking/Dining Out Guide incorporates our professional members Restaurants/Cafés/Hotels/Bars/Coffee Houses/Ice
Cream Parlours, and almost any Meeting Place whereby you can meet one another socially for Food, or Drink.

2. What age must you be to join Dine2Find?

You must be 18 years of age in order to become a member of Dine2Dind

3. Who is Dine2Find For?

Dine2Find is for everyone to utilise in their everyday lives, it is a Social Media platform based on Food and Drink who's aim is to unite people in real life in order to meet new people, and friends socially at what better places than a Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee House, Hotel, or Bar, or in some cases uniting people socially

4. What is the difference between a Dine2Find public member profile and a Dine2Find professional member?

A Dine2Find public member profile is created by someone who has registered for free with the Dine2Find website, and consists of personal profile information. A professional members profile is one that has been created by a Business, whereby a
Restaurant can join as a social member  for free using their restaurant name, for example 'Rosie's Bistro'.

5. If I have a professional membership profile on the social side of Dine2Find, will people be able to find my page directly?

Yes, you will have your own personal URL, for example, www.dine2find.com/rosiesbistro, and people will be able to go to your page directly, thereby giving you a far greater opportunity to advertise your business on the social side of Dine2Find towards its social network members.

6. Will I need to be a social member in order to list my business within the Eat/Drink/Dine out Guide?

Yes, you must first of all register as a social member which will then allow you to add your business within the Dining out Guide by paying a one off lifetime or annual membership subscription within our subscriptions section.

7. How do I upload my listing to the Eat/Drink/Dine Out Guide?

Simply use the Tab 'Add your Restaurant/Bar' Tab which is on the drop down menu of the 'Business Dome' Tab which will then direct you to the subscriptions page, and then you can then choose which subscription you wish.

8. If a Promotional Ambassador of Dine2Find recommends that I list my business on Dine2Find how do I receive my 10% Discount from my chosen subscription?

Whatever subscription you choose, your 10% Discount will be deducted automatically via the payment system, for example, if you choose the Featured Annual Membership then a payment of £99 minus the 10% Discount of £9.90 will be made, therefore a
payment of £89.10 will be taken from your chosen debit, or credit card payment. Most importantly, do not forget to
input the 'Ambassadors' Personal Reference code in the appropriate Box otherwise a Payment of £99 will be taken from your
card payment. Also, this will guarantee a further 40% payment of your chosen subscription to the 'Ambassador' who
recommended Dine2Find to you.

9. What should I do if I wish to invite people I meet on the website to Dine at Mine?

We feel that this is a great way to meet people socially, however, members must take great security measures before they invite anyone in to their home. We would always recommend you firstly build up a good relationship with one another on the website before any steps are taken, and that you make your own stringent security measures with regards to the person, or persons your are inviting in to your home.   We feel that it would always be a good policy for at least 4 people to meet up together through the website, for example, 2 Females Friends who may wish to meet and invite 2 Males for a Dine at Mine experience.  

10. How do I register as a public member to Dine2Find?  

Simply fill out the short online application for membership, and choose your user name and password.  

11. How do I pay to upload my Business on to Dine2Find?  

Dine2Find accept all major Debit and Credit cards, and payment is made through PayPal in the Payment Section.  

12. Do I need a Paypal Account?  

No, you simply make a payment to Dine2Find through Paypal.    

13. Can a Business pay monthly in order to list their Services?  

Yes, a Business may pay Monthly, or Annually.

14. Why would our business purchase an annual subscription versus a monthly subscription?

Monthly subscriptions are popular with many members, however, annual subscriptions provide the best value, allowing annual members to save more money than monthly subscribers.

15. How do I delete/remove my free account?

Dine2Find offers you the flexibility to delete your account at any time, simply by following the procedure on the website with
regards to deletion.

16. How do I edit the information contained in my profile?

Simply enter the edit profile section of your profile page to make any changes.

17. As a Restaurant/Bar/Cafe/Coffee House or Hotel Owner can I change, or alter any information within my Listing in the Dining out Guide?

Yes, you have total control of your listing, just as you have total control of your Business Page on the Social element of Dine2Find.

18. I forgot my username and password.

If you forget your log-in information, we have two recovery options for you to choose between. 1. To request your username and password online, please go to the “Login” location on dine2find.com. Click on the “If you have forgotten your username
or password” link. We will immediately email the username and password to the email address associated to your registered
account. 2. You can contact the Dine2Find Customer Care Team to request that a password reset e-mail be sent.

19. What is the maximum size video that I can upload to the website?

No more than 1024MB.  

20. Can I edit my email or contact address?

To update or edit your email or contact address, please go to the edit section on your profile page.

21. How do I add photos to my profile?

Dine2Find's easy-to-use photo uploading process gives you the ability to share what you look like. You can upload JPG, JPEG and GIF files, with a maximum size of 3MB per photo. To upload photos to your profile, please follow the simple instructions on the website.

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